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What prompts scarring?


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Cervical scar tissue is SUCH a labor block.

How does it get there?

What does it do?

Unpregnant: Pain with cycle, intercourse, digestion

Fertility: slows the getting preggers roll

Labor: stalled or slow to progress labor pattern, prodromal labor for weeks, and a feeling of knives in cervix or uterus.

Postpartum: prolapse risk, secondary infertility, pain, predisposing towards mood disorders

Menopause: decreased metabolism, back pain, gait instability, prolapse risk (cervical, rectal, Bladder, urethra)

No Bueno.

It’s also way under discussed and even when it’s acknowledged, it’s kind of “well, what can we do,” type attitude, so let’s ignore it and see what happens.

Also, no bueno.

My midwifery preceptor wrote this in 2016 after I came back from the  STREAM training  OG and shared about the magic of  castor oil tampons.

(Interestingly, I had not remembered all the “soften the cervix with oil” part until I reread her post.)

At the time, I had an online healing course hosted on a platform that has since folded. Boooooo.

As I’m updating the scar healing course, I am rewriting each module and publishing as a Tiny Book.* Why a Tiny Book?

Best way to get interactive, embodied knowledge, into the hands of the right people. Like, Hey friend, I made this the right size to slip in your birth bag or purse.

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Wanna learn with/from me? This is best for folks who want more info OR professionals that wanna learn from a Gen Xer who has been in the trenches since 1994. When the course goes live, this link will be live

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