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Welcome Choosers!

I Can Help With...


Fertility Prep
Prenatal Care
Labor Encouragement
Breech Release
Postpartum Care


Uterine Alignment
Pelvic Floor   & Prolapse
Scar Tissue Healing
Trauma Informed PAP
Friend of Bill W.


Changing Body and Life
Identity Shift
Miscarriage, Grief, & Loss
NARM Preceptor

About Me


Birth Preparation & Labor WhisperingTM

Review birth options. Get a second opinion. Ask all the questions on your mind.

Spinning Babies, Breech Release & ECV Prep

Bodywork to gently encourage your baby to get into the ideal position for birth.

Massage (including Arvigo, Maya abdominal massage)

for unpregnant, prenatal, and postnatal bodies. Menopause, too!

Scar Tissue Support & Remediation

When you’re dealing with scar tissue in your pelvis, on your chest, or anywhere else.


VIP Birth Package

Everything But The Birth

Loss Support

Breech Provider (launching New Year 2025)

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