What Services are you offering right now?

Let’s break it down into two categories; in-person and virtual.
In-Person services  are what we are calling CRITICAL BODYWORK.
Mary and I are seeing folks in person for Critical Bodywork. The State of Texas states “massage establishments” are not deemed critical (which is actually a step up because they at first said no  massage parlors  and if that conjures images of 70’s decor and “happy endings” then you are thinking correctly). BUT here’s the deal, chiropractors are a go and still allowed to practice. Our services are on par with a chiropractor IMO. Book here.

How would you know if you need critical bodywork?

  • You require hands-on care ex Pelvic floor work, scar remediation, soft tissue breech release, and this will not/has not self resolved.
  •  The service is related to creating an easier birth and postpartum healing, shortening time to virus exposure. This MUST be available.
  • You are having prodromal labor and are not able to get active, so not able to get to the active stage.
  • You were referred in by a health professional, such as your midwife, doctor, or chiro. If it is a doula referral, see Rowan first so she can create your treatment plan.
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Critical Bodywork Services:

  • Labor Whispering ~ which includes a labor check if you are not sure if it’s time to roll to hospital, look at the policies if you are concerned about who can accompany you.
  • Spinning Babies Aware Practioner services  ~ Optimal fetal positioning body work (including Breech Release), or you are having pain that needs to be assessed and addressed because pain frequently means imbalance, and imbalance can lead to delivery shenanigans. This service is for folks 20 plus weeks.  
  • Arvigo Therapy  ~ Secondary infertility, terrible period pain, bloat, unhappy guts, pelvic heaviness, prolapse.
  • ScarRemediation  ~ All that time you never had to address scars and how they are contributing to a host of body pain, or pelvic floor weakness, or mild prolapse. 
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We have virtual options:

  • First Tri & Gap Prenatal Care  ~ Needing prenatal care? I can either be your primary or concurrent care provider and offer holistic or outside the box solutions. 
  • Loss Services  ~ Having a miscarriage? Need post-abortion support? We’re here to help, you don’t have to navigate this without professional support. 
  • You need HELP with  ~ something, and you think I can help. Right on, let’s do it.
  • Postpartum Virtual Appointment  ~ me and you going over what’s normal, what’s not, and how to get what you need. 
  • Healing Your Scars ~  If you would like to get started on Scar Repair and self-care of a perineal or surgical birth scar, or anything really, https://coursecraft.net/c/HowtoHealYourScars
  • Postpartum Support Group 

I'm pregnant and shiz is hitting the fan. What are my options?

  1. Start here, looking at where you feel comfortable delivering. I made this video to help you figure that out. 
  2. Start care, somewhere. 
    • I can offer first-trimester care virtually, cash pay. Book here. 
    • I can offer prenatal care in my office, cash pay. Book here.
    • You can come to the birth center and start care and then deliver at North Houston Birth Center or you can roll into the county hospital when in active labor with your records. This is a  Medicaid  option, and you need to be on United Healthcare Medicaid, so get switched over ASAP.  Contact NHBC here.

Are you offering homebirth services?

Currently no. I frequently assist Frances Coleman so if you want me to be at your homebirth interview her and see if she is a good midwife for you. Contact her here. 

Who comes to the birth?

Every place has different policies right now (review diff policies here).  If you deliver at North Houston Birth Center the current policy is partner/spouse and an additional support person. No folks in waiting room. 

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