DIY Scar Tissue Healing – Pelvic Floor Edition

By Preggers Can Be Choosers

Y’all, what are we even gonna do about this epidemic of pelvic floor, cervical, and abdominal scar tissue adhesions that folx with reproductive organs are facing?

Just so we can be on the same page about scar tissue, I have an intentionally cheap class that addresses the emotional and physical unwinding of scars ~ 

Don’t have money or time or inclination? Cool, here is the reader’s digest version ~ warm it up, get up in there doing self-massage, daily. Take the class if you need more deets or feel called, its 25 whole dollars. 

The focus of this post is DIY pelvic floor scar remediation with Hannah Gamble ~ 

We met pre-covid while she was pregnant, and discussed how to manage significant scarring on her pelvic floor and vaginal canal. 

Her recipe includes:

  • Oils include Omega 3, Omega 6, Antioxidants to promote healing and elasticity.
  • One evening primrose oil capsule 
  • Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Calendula oil 
  • Rosehip oil

And using a vibe to help break up the thickened scar tissue. Done while pregnant!

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