Dear Frances,

By Preggers Can Be Choosers

I let you down.

I’m so sorry. I got gaslit, redirected, and manipulated by a white lady who says shit like “I don’t understand” and “It’s a difference of opinion, and I don’t see why we have the pressure to make a statement.”

Someone else said it better than me, “Because this is a civil rights movement.”

And then there was this epic racial attack on you, and Black midwives I love, and this same white woman was like, “Well, it’s a difference of opinion.”

Fucking fuck. I wanted to blink her out of existence with my telekineses. 

So I asked, “Why was the ‘opinion’ of a white woman more important?”
More important than yours, Mama Afua’s, and DeShaun’s.

I got no reply. We already know the answer. 

I’m going to keep agitating on the inside. 

You don’t have to come back to this organization. It is harming you.

I asked myself, am I harming you by staying in in?

Am I being an ally by staying in a racist org and agitating so hard that they will either kick me out or changes will be made? I’m not giving up.

I don’t know the answers. 

I’m gonna keep showing up.

I love you.

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