By Preggers Can Be Choosers

Preggers Can Be Choosers is a team committed to choices. We believe in removing, dismantling and destroying barriers to safe, accessible reproductive care in the Full Spectrum Midwifery Model. Right now people and businesses are becoming vocal about their choice of whether or not to uplift Black lives and experiences; in the present and moving forward.

Preggers Can Be Choosers will always choose to unapologetically support Black communities. Right now it must be addressed that State and Police Violence towards Black people is real and flagrant. It must end, and there must be justice for lives lost from the actions of people employed in weaponized racism in this country. We continue to look to Black leadership as the country progresses in protest and in policy creation.

In America, pregnant Black people die during their pregnancy and/or postpartum period more than any other race. Black babies die at a higher rate than any other race.

Let’s call it what it is.

This is intentional.

This is systemic racism.

This is an attempt to end Black futures.

We are in love with Black people, Black families, and Black communities. We will continue to; educate ourselves, support and lift up Black Midwives and Black Midwifery students, listen, protest and advocate for nourishing, equitable and optimal realities.

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